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Devuan Jessie ISO installers (classic)

This is the collection of "classic" installer-iso images of Devuan
built using the debian-installer (d-i) tool. They support preseed
injection and provide all the features of the installer anyone that
has been already using Debian is used to.

For desktop reviews, usage and redistributions in any publication we
recommend using the /desktop-live images. The classic /installer-iso
images are provided here for standard compatibility with the format
Debian used, assuming there are forms of installation, automatisation
or customisation needing to start from them.


SHA256SUMS are signed with Jaromil's GPG key that can be found in the
Devuan Developers' Keyring:

Fingerprint: 6113 D89C A825 C5CE DD02 C872 73B3 5DA5 4ACB 7D10

This key is also available on and anyone is welcome to
sign it. Upon expiration of this key (0x4ACB7D10 exp. 2018-09-05) a
new key will be created, signed by this old key and this renewal will
be noticed with a private email to all those who have signed it.

Notes about the CD and DVD images

For off-line installations of the /installer-iso images we recommend
using the DVD image. For on-line installations the NETINST images.

The use of the CD image is not recommended, since the iso does not
contains enough applications to make it useful in any off-line
circumstance and when installing on-line NETINST should be preferred.

Get in touch

For interaction please get in touch through IRC or mailinglist:

- #devuan and #devuan-dev on Freenode
- DNG on

Happy hacking! :^)